CAFRI-Rice CRISPR Applicable Functional Redundancy Inspector

About CAFRI-Rice

Functional redundancy among important rice genes gives genetic stability but it has been a bottle-neck in rice functional study for a long time. Thanks to the advance of next generation sequencing technology, genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9 system, and our previous empirical insight on the genome diversity, we tried to address our goal for rice functional genomics with bioinformatics approach. Here, we developed an intuitive functional redundancy inspector, CAFRI-Rice to facilitate rice functional study. By constructing phylogenetic heatmap with reannotated protein domains of MSU7 genome and anatomical RNA-Seq data, It can visualize and digitize functional redundancy of each quried gene.

Basic Logic


CAFRI-Rice Launched !!

2019. December.


CAFRIā€Rice: CRISPR Applicable Functional Redundancy Inspector to Accelerate Functional Genomics in Rice. doi:10.1111/tpj.14926

Three additional expression data are now available on the CAFRI-Rice!

Expression data of Sperm, Egg cell, and Zygote are added.

See the information page for details dataset info